Part 1 - Chapter 2

This is a sex scene!
It's not relevant to the plot except for "And then they did it."
You can skip to Chapter 1-3 if you want.
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Kissing someone other than Miang was different. She was softer and fuller despite being more aggressive, but not as fiery as Sigurd. He felt himself surrendering to his instincts more quickly than he'd anticipated. He kissed back more urgently than he ought have if he were less desperate, but his attempt at not seeming desperate failed as soon as he'd said the word "vulnerable". Miang would often pull back and tease him to the point of agony sometimes, but Dominia, at least for now, seemed to have no such plans. She drank in his desperation and reciprocated with her own, pressing herself up against him, taking one of his hands and placing it on one of her breasts, which looked to be at least double the size of Miang's now that he was close enough to truly gauge. He squeezed, gently at first, but when she said, "Don't you fucking dare be gentle," all bets were off. She reached a hand down and squeezed one of his butt cheeks extremely hard. "I want this rough, just in case I never have the balls to do this again."

"As you wish." Ramsus echoed her force and slipped his hand all too easily into the side of her skin-tight shirt, freeing a breast that ended unexpectedly in a small, light pink nipple that seemed almost too delicate to belong to someone like her. He did the same with the other breast and Dominia floundered at the zipper at her back, trying to take her uniform off properly, but he stopped her. "Let's leave it like this a little, it's sexier with a bit of something in the way at first." Miang was almost always naked before he even walked in the room, so there was usually nothing to unwrap.

Dominia obliged and she pulled him up so they were both standing. She pinned him against the closest wall and they continued kissing, with more and more emphasis on groping as it went on. She pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it away, and took an opportunity to grind against his crotch when his hands started focusing on her ass. He had never laid hands on a better ass.

She kept herself close up against him so she could feel his erection stiffening under her. The ambient hmms and mmms escalated into excited moans when he took the initiative to run his hand over her vagina. She responded by biting at the tip of one of his ears and a blatant rub over his penis through his pants. A few more moments of grabbing at each other through their clothes, he pulled the zipper at her back and he slipped her upper body suit away. He took a moment to stand back and admire her as he never thought to before.

Her dark skin was flushed with arousal, gorgeous against her light hair. Again, he was drawn in by her resemblance to Sigurd, however slight it was. It was a look that he liked, and he bit his lip as the thought coursed through his mind. She still wore her gloves, boots and underwear, but he had a plan for those. He stripped down and stepped out of his pants, thong underwear only.

Dominia was already red in the face, but now her heart skipped a beat. He still had several cuts and bruises from his last fight in the Merkava with Fei, but she had trouble focusing on them as he led her back in front of the bed.

He kissed at her neck and trailed his face down her body until he was on his knees, using his teeth to pull her panties down. They were plain and black, with no lace, but still very pretty. Dominia herself, not shaved, but still very pretty, and very warm, and extremely wet.

"Commander, what--"

"You don't want me to?" he said, motioning her to lift each foot to remove her panties entirely. He left her boots and gloves completely alone.

"You don't need to go down on me...we're not, this isn't..."

"I'm not expecting anything in return. This is something I want to do. I want to hear what you sound like when I find your clit. I'm hard now, but I could get so much harder." Miang only let his tongue close to her vagina on very specific occasions.

Dominia sat on the bed and he knelt between her legs, ran his hand up her boot, and dove in. She was already overexcited, and so was he. This way, even if he came too early, at least he was going to make sure she came first.

The sensation of warmth at her nethers was pleasant as he kissed over it, trying to get a feel for how it was folded. It became more pleasant still as the warmth persisted. When he opened his mouth and his tongue made contact, an extremely loud "Ahh...!" slipped out of her almost immediately. She kept a hand over her mouth to dull the gasps and wails that followed. He lapped at her pussy it until he thought he found it, and she arched her back, confirming it and he flicked at it with the tip of his tongue, planning to go at it until his jaw got sore or she went limp, but she breathlessly asked him to stop after half as long as he expected to.

He pulled back, wiped his chin and pulled his underwear off. He had gotten so hard during the course of eating her out that he'd popped out of them, something that hadn't happened since he'd been with Sigurd. She pulled herself up and moved to remove her boots, but Ramsus put a hand on hers. "If you don't mind, you can keep those on." Dominia shrugged, and Ramsus laid down next to her.

"You on top," she said. "You owe me for dragging your ass out of Merkava."

"Of course."

Ramsus eased in on top of her, gently at first to make sure things fit correctly, and then went at it as hard as he could. She tried to keep her boot heels from touching the sheets, but it was a completely lost cause 15 seconds in. Dominia's breasts bounced magnificently, but he had to close his eyes or he knew he'd come too quickly. The thought in his head was next time, next time. More sounds erupted out of her, and he joined in with his own as it went on, which was music to Dominia's ears. The way the bratty, high-class inflection in his voice translated into his cries out, the power and frequency of his thrusts, all went above and beyond anything she'd ever imagined.

By the time he came, any thought of asking if he should pull out was gone. He let out an elongated cry as he climaxed and shuddered to a stop. After he finished, he attempted an apology, but it came out unintelligible. Instead of trying to grasp at it, he laughed and put his head down in the middle of Dominia's chest.