FEBRUARY 25 2007
A few new fanarts are up! :D
Fanks, guys! :3

FEBRUARY 18 2007
After nine straight days of unending slaving over this site, it is done. :> I've proofread the fic and corrected a ton of line-break errors. I've also fixed the O Holy Night scene in Chapter 11 that'd been left wide open for about 7 years. ::sheepish look at the ground:: Last update, I don't know if anyone noticed, but that chapter got hacked because I didn't feel like straightening it out. But it's back, in all of its full, melodramatic glory. Speaking of melodramatic glory, I have pulled from the vault, the old version of Stripes, with the white-on black text that I used to hide song lyrics in and make green lightning crashes with. Also back up on this site is the "new" version of Stripes, in which I just started writing the fic over from scratch. Link is here for that. Basically everything on this site has been completely rennovated and pimped out. Look at everything. :D

After much waffling and lolligagging, I've finally finished Stripes. There is an Epilogue that has a bunch of seeds for future chapters, but officially, Stripes is a complete piece of fanfiction. I'm not planning on writing a big, cohesive sequel, but there might be some random chapter here and there from me in the future. Also, if you kids have ideas, fill my ears with 'em. :3 I might be moved to put up a collaborative After Stripes section.

OCTOBER 27 2005
Woot! The Art section is back up and working, and I've got Chapter 23 finally up and done! I also say hi to all the new folks who've been stumbling onto this place. :3

OCTOBER 3rd 2005
After about a week of proofreading and formatting the fic, the new Stripes website is now uploaded to the web! HOORAY! ...but the art sections still need a lot of work done to them, so they're closed for a bit.

SEPTEMBER 21st 2005
New Layout designed!

MARCH 21st 2005
This site is back up on the web!

AUGUST 26th 2002
Gawd, it's been six months. O_o
Twenty-two is up now!

MARCH 10th 2002
Got chapter twenty-one up!

NOVEMBER 27th 2001
Fic chapter twenty is up.

JULY 23rd 2001
Fic chapter nineteen has been up for a big old while. Fuck ending at twenty. ::sets her sights on 25::

JUNE 11th 2001
Fic chapters seventeen and eighteen posted since last I updated! I'm trying to aim for finishing Stripes at twenty, so I'm almost done! YAAY!

FEBRUARY 3rd 2001
Stripes 15 is up! WOO! Also working on getting a new background pic for the frame, and a counter, too.

JANUARY 6th 2001
Fic repaired! Also, up to Part 14 up! WOO! [I've changed the fic because of a few details with Yuffie I overlooked before hand. Also starting to develop the characters who are not Stripes and Tifa.

DECEMBER 15th 2000
No more auditions until I get the fic written! Also, fic undergoing some repairs soon...

DECEMBER 1st 2000
Reformatted for easier loading! Also, art and fic sections are now up! But please note that the links at the bottoms of the fics are broken. -_-

NOVEMBER 25th 2000
Got the site up from the old cherden site!