Y halo thar.
Welcome to the old Stripes site.
This page, with this layout, used to
have a lot more links to things like
updates and art, but all of those
are now on the new site.

Here, you'll find the old version of the fic.
Yes, complete with all the paragraph breaks
made out of song lyrics in black text, and
places where I forgot to proofread. ^^;
Can you hear the linebreak sing? Singing the song of angry lines?
Aside from putting links at the bottoms of the pages
and nixing a tiling background image, these files are
exactly the same as they were in 2002.

This stops at Chapter 21 (and I think the fic itself
would have met a nice end there, as Chapters 22
and 23 sort of went toward Cloud completely going
back on what he said at the end of Chapter 21).

Also here, you will find the script
for the stone dead Stripes Radio Play project, and
a weird alternate version of Chapter 12.

When you're done here, you can just close the
window. The new site should still be underneath this.