spring memeing

I dunno, make up your own cutesy spring-cleaning-themed blog post title, I guess? I got nothin’.

DIY puns aside, a few things that were previously borked on here should be more or less unborkified now. Galleries are updated and I fixed some broken links on the fan pages (someday I will learn how to code without falling back on circa-1999 jury-rigged amateur text editor HTML, but today is not that day and tomorrow is probably not it either).

Also I have a new job. Wooo?

stuff in progress

Spadenet’s moving servers, so the SSL on here might be a little borked until we get that sorted. I’ll be updating what I can in the meantime. Also, as of last week my reign of terror as an Assistant Manager is over. I blame the demise of independent booksellers at the hands of crass unfeeling corporations, but tl;dr fuck capitalism and also here’s my Ko-Fi while I’m unemployed.

I’m birthday?

As of yesterday I am somehow, inexplicably, 32 years old. *sad confetti*

I also recently got a job in a bookstore as the

Anyway, this year’s Inktober junk is up.

tip jar/caffeination fund

I have a Ko-Fi thing now, in case you felt like throwing a few bucks in my general direction for no particular reason. Behold!

nothing to see here (no, really)

… but in the interest of possibly maybe someday attempting professional work (or more commissions, whatevs), I made a portfolio page with some of the less embarrassing junk from the other galleries so it looks like I actually know what I’m doing. (Don’t) tell your friends!